Timber Trees (tubes)

Forestry tube prices:
All prices include GST.
< 40 plants$3.50 ea (no min / species)
40+$2.50 ea (min 10 / species)
480+$2.20 ea (min 20 / species)
960+$1.95 ea (min 40 / species)

Discounts for bulk purchases of mixed plants apply to purchases collected in one lot only.

For mail orders:

  • Plants are dispatched in nursery trays, which must be full.
  • Each tray holds 12 x 140mm pots or 80 x 2" forestry tubes.
For orders of a mixture of pots and tubes we may need to adjust numbers to fill trays.

Current stocklist and order form (updated daily):

Acacia aulacocarpa (Hickory Wattle)
Acacia mangium (Brown Salwood)
Argyrodendron polyandrum (Black Tulip Oak)
Blepharocarya involucrigera (Rose Butternut)
Castanospermum australe (Black Bean)
Casuarina cunninghamiana (River She Oak)
Corymbia torelliana (Cadaghi)
Cryptocarya mackinnoniana (Rusty Laurel)
Eucalyptus camaldulensis (River Red Gum)
Eucalyptus cloeziana (Gympie Messmate)
Eucalyptus grandis (Rose Gum)
Eucalyptus microcorys (Tallow Wood)
Eucalyptus pellita (Red Mahogany)
Eucalyptus propinqua (Small Fruited Grey Gum)
Eucalyptus resinifera (Red Messmate)
Eucalyptus robusta (Swamp Mahogany)
Eucalyptus tereticornis (Forest Red Gum)
Flindersia bennettiana (Bennett's Ash)
Toona ciliata (australis) (Red Cedar)