Screen Plants

140mm pot standard price: $10.00 ea
All prices include GST. Grevilleas and Banksias: $12 Yellow Pots: $12 Red Pots: $15
10+ mixed plantsSave 10%
50+ mixed plantsSave 20%
Discounts for bulk purchases of mixed plants apply to purchases collected in one lot only.

For mail orders:

  • Plants are dispatched in nursery trays, which must be full.
  • Each tray holds 12 x 140mm pots or 80 x 2" forestry tubes.
For orders of a mixture of pots and tubes we may need to adjust numbers to fill trays.

Current stocklist and order form (updated daily):

Atractocarpus fitzalanii (Brown Gardenia)
Atractocarpus sessilis (False Gardenia)
Backhousia myrtifolia (Grey Myrtle)
Baeckea sp. Herberton Range (Herberton Baeckea)
Baeckea virgata (Heath Myrtle)
Breynia sp. Iron Range (Red Coffee-Bush)
Buckinghamia celsissima (Ivory Curl Tree)
Callistemon "Dawson River" (Dawson River)
Callistemon "Emerald Beauty" (Emerald Beauty)
Callistemon "Mr. Foster" (Mr Foster)
Callistemon "Prolific" (Prolific)
Callistemon "Reeves Pink" (Reeves Pink)
Callistemon "Rose Opal" (Rose Opal)
Callistemon "Wilderness White" (Wilderness White)
Callistemon "Wildfire" (Wildfire)
Callistemon "Yuruga Red" (Yuruga Red)
Callistemon recurvus "Tinaroo Dazzler" (Tinaroo Dazzler)
Callistemon viminalis "Rocky River Red" (Rocky River Red)
Cleistanthus apodus (Weeping Cleistanthus)
Cleistanthus hylandii (Bernie's Cleistanthus)
Croton insularis (Cascarilla Bark)
Cryptocarya triplinervis (Brown Laurel)
Flacourtia sp. Shiptons Flat (Cape Plum)
Gossia floribunda (Cape Ironwood)
Graptophyllum "Red Emu" (Emu Creek Fuchsia)
Graptophyllum excelsum (Scarlet Fuchsia)
Grevillea "Caloundra Gem" (Caloundra Gem)
Grevillea "Honeycomb" (Honeycomb)
Grevillea "Kay Williams" (Kay Williams)
Guioa acutifolia (Glossy Tamarind)
Guioa lasioneura (Silky Tamarind)
Hibiscus tiliaceus (Coast Cottonwood)
Leptospermum "Cardwell" (Cardwell)
Leptospermum amboinense (Northern Tea Tree)
Melaleuca "Silver Dollar" (Silver Dollar)
Melaleuca "Snowstorm" (Snowstorm)
Melaleuca bracteata "Gold Form" (Golden Tea Tree)
Melaleuca bracteata "Green Form"
Melaleuca sp. Mt. Garnet (Mt Garnet Tea Tree)
Melaleuca sylvana (Oaky Creek Tea Tree)
Melicope rubra (Little Euodia)
Phyllanthus cuscutiflorus (Pink Phyllanthus)
Scolopia braunii (Brown Birch)
Syzygium "Aussie Compact" (Aussie Compact)
Syzygium aqueum (Water Cherry)
Syzygium australe (Creek Satinash)
Syzygium australe "Baby Boomer" (Baby Boomer)
Syzygium australe "Resilience" (Resilience)
Syzygium australe Sth. QLD form (Creek Satinash SQ Form)
Syzygium bamagense (Bamaga Satinash)
Syzygium cormiflorum (Bumpy Satinash)
Syzygium fibrosum (Fibrous Satinash)
Syzygium floribundum (Weeping Lilly-Pilly)
Syzygium hedraiophyllum (Gully Satinash)
Syzygium hemilamprum (Blush Satinash)
Syzygium luehmannii Rocky River (Rocky River Lilly-Pilly)
Syzygium sayeri (Pink Satinash)
Syzygium smithii (Lilly Pilly)
Syzygium tierneyanum (River Cherry)
Xanthostemon chrysanthus (Golden Penda)