Plants which grow up to 1m tall

140mm pot standard price: $10.00 ea
All prices include GST. Grevilleas and Banksias: $12 Yellow Pots: $12 Red Pots: $15
10+ mixed plantsSave 10%
50+ mixed plantsSave 20%
Discounts for bulk purchases of mixed plants apply to purchases collected in one lot only.

For mail orders:

  • Plants are dispatched in nursery trays, which must be full.
  • Each tray holds 12 x 140mm pots or 80 x 2" forestry tubes.
For orders of a mixture of pots and tubes we may need to adjust numbers to fill trays.

Current stocklist and order form (updated daily):

Acalypha lyonsii (Native Acalypha)
Acmena "Allyn Magic" (Allyn Magic)
Adiantum aethiopicum (Common Maidenhair Fern)
Austromyrtus dulcis (Midyim)
Babingtonia tozerensis (Mt Tozer Myrtle)
Baeckea "Feather Tips" (Feather Tips)
Baeckea virgata "Miniature" (Dwarf Baeckea)
Callipteris prolifera (Tick Fern)
Callistemon "Little John" (Little John)
Callistemon "Mathew Flinders" (Mathew Flinders)
Callistemon "Rocky Rambler" (Rocky Rambler)
Callistemon "White Anzac" (White Anzac)
Dianella "Cape York Dwarf" (Cape York Dianella)
Dianella brevipedunculata (Flax Lily)
Dipteracanthus australasicus (Blue Bush)
Gardenia psidioides (Hann Gardenia)
Gardenia sp. Glennie River (Glennie River Gardenia)
Gossia "Tractor Tyre" (Tractor Tyre)
Graptophyllum spinigerum (Native Fuchsia)
Grevillea "Forest Rambler" (Forest Rambler)
Grevillea "Red Sunset" (Red Sunset)
Grevillea formosa (Mt. Brockman Grevillea)
Hibbertia sp. Tolga Range (Tolga Range Hibbertia)
Isolepis nodosa (Knobby Club Rush)
Leptospermum "Pacific Beauty" (Pacific Beauty)
Leptospermum "Pink Cascade" (Pink Cascade)
Lomandra banksii (Cape York Lomandra)
Melaleuca "Cotton Candy" (Cotton Candy)
Melaleuca "Pink Lace" (Pink Lace)
Melaleuca "White Lace" (White Lace)
Orthosiphon aristatus "Mauve" (Cat's Whiskers - mauve)
Orthosiphon aristatus "White" (Cat's Whiskers - white)
Pennisetum alopecuroides "Nafray" (Compact Foxtail Grass)
Peperomia blanda var. floribunda (Rock Peperomia)
Phaius tancarvilleae (Swamp Orchid)
Plectranthus sp. Windsor Tableland (Windsor Tableland Spurflower)
Prostanthera phylicifolia (Mint Bush)
Psilotum nudum (Whisk fern)
Rhododendron lochiae (Native Rhododendron)
Viola hederacea (Native Violet)
Vitex ovata (Beach Vitex)
Westringia fruticosa (Native Rosemary)
Xanthostemon chrysanthus "Little Goldie" (Dwarf Golden Penda)