Plants which grow 1 to 2m tall

140mm pot standard price: $10.00 ea
All prices include GST. Grevilleas and Banksias: $12 Yellow Pots: $12 Red Pots: $15
10+ mixed plantsSave 10%
50+ mixed plantsSave 20%
Discounts for bulk purchases of mixed plants apply to purchases collected in one lot only.

For mail orders:

  • Plants are dispatched in nursery trays, which must be full.
  • Each tray holds 12 x 140mm pots or 80 x 2" forestry tubes.
For orders of a mixture of pots and tubes we may need to adjust numbers to fill trays.

Current stocklist and order form (updated daily):

Alocasia brisbanensis (Cunjevoi)
Alpinia caerulea "Red" (Common Ginger)
Backhousia angustifolia (Northern Myrtle)
Banksia robur (Swamp Banksia)
Banksia spinulosa (Hairpin Banksia)
Boronia keysii (Boronia)
Callistemon "Emerald Beauty" (Emerald Beauty)
Callistemon "Lavender Shower" (Lavender Shower)
Callistemon "Mauve Mist" (Mauve Mist)
Callistemon "Rose Opal" (Rose Opal)
Carmona retusa (Carmona)
Citrus australasica (Finger Lime)
Codiaeum variegatum var. moluccanum (Native Croton)
Cordyline murchisoniae (Palm-Lilly)
Crinum pedunculatum (Mangrove Lily)
Croton phebalioides (White Croton)
Diospyros sp. Baird Logging Area (Roaring Meg Ebony)
Gardenia scabrella (Star Flower)
Gardenia sp. Weipa (Weipa Gardenia)
Gossia floribunda (Cape Ironwood)
Graptophyllum "Red Emu" (Emu Creek Fuchsia)
Graptophyllum excelsum (Scarlet Fuchsia)
Graptophyllum ilicifolium (Holly Fuchsia)
Grevillea "Ned Kelly" (Ned Kelly)
Grevillea "Robyn Gordon" (Robyn Gordon)
Grevillea "Winparra Gem" (Winparra Gem)
Grevillea rosmarinifolia (Rosemary Leaf Grevillea)
Helmholtzia glaberrima (Stream Lily)
Hibiscus tozerensis (Iron Range Hibiscus)
Juncus usitatus (Soft Rush)
Kunzea graniticola (Cardwell Kunzea)
Leptospermum "Cardwell" (Cardwell)
Leptospermum liversidgei (Olive Tea Tree)
Leptospermum purpurascens (Purple Stemmed Turkey Bush)
Lunasia amara (Lunasia)
Melaleuca "Claret Tops" (Claret Tops)
Melaleuca "Snowfire" (Snowfire)
Melaleuca "Snowstorm" (Snowstorm)
Neofabricia myrtifolia (Yellow Flowered Tea-Tree)
Pultenaea villosa (Hairy Bush-Pea)
Syzygium "Supreme" (Supreme)
Syzygium wilsonii (Powder-Puff Lilly-Pilly)
Westringia "Wynyabbie Gem" (Wynyabbie Gem)
Xanthostemon verticillatus (Bloomfield Penda)