Butterfly Food Plants

140mm pot standard price: $10.00 ea
All prices include GST. Grevilleas and Banksias: $12 Yellow Pots: $12 Red Pots: $15
10+ mixed plantsSave 10%
50+ mixed plantsSave 20%
Discounts for bulk purchases of mixed plants apply to purchases collected in one lot only.

For mail orders:

  • Plants are dispatched in nursery trays, which must be full.
  • Each tray holds 12 x 140mm pots or 80 x 2" forestry tubes.
For orders of a mixture of pots and tubes we may need to adjust numbers to fill trays.

Current stocklist and order form (updated daily):

Adenanthera pavonina (Coralwood)Tailed Emperor
Albizia lebbeck (Native Rain Tree)Tailed Emperor
Aristolochia tagala (Native Dutchman's Pipe (tubes))Cairns Birdwing, Red Bodied Swallowtail
Bombax ceiba (Kapok Tree)Common Aeroplane
Brachychiton acerifolius (Flame Tree)Pencilled Blue & Common Aeroplane
Brachychiton populneus (Kurrajong)Common Aeroplane
Breynia sp. Iron Range (Red Coffee-Bush)Common Grass Yellow
Carallia brachiata (Freshwater Mangrove)Four O'Clock Moth
Cassia brewsteri ssp brewsteri (Leichhardt Bean)Lemon Migrant
Cassia queenslandica (Yellow Shower)Lemon Migrant
Cassia sp. Paluma Range (Golden Shower)Lemon Migrant & Tailed Emperor
Castanospermum australe (Black Bean)Pencilled Blue
Citrus australasica (Finger Lime)Dingy Swallowtail
Citrus garrawayae (Mt White Lime)Orchard Swallowtail
Citrus inodora (Russell River Lime)Orchard, Dingy, Ambrax & Capaneus Swallowtail
Cryptocarya laevigata (Glossy Laurel)Blue Triangle
Cryptocarya mackinnoniana (Rusty Laurel)Blue Triangle
Cryptocarya triplinervis (Brown Laurel)Blue Triangle
Cupaniopsis anacardioides (Tuckeroo)Six Line Blue
Dipteracanthus australasicus (Blue Bush)Tiny Grass Blue, Brown Soldier & Lurcher
Ficus benjamina (Weeping Fig)Common Crow
Ficus platypoda (Rock Cracker Fig)Common Crow
Flacourtia sp. Shiptons Flat (Cape Plum)Australian Rustic
Flindersia australis (Crows Ash)Orchard Swallowtail
Flindersia bennettiana (Bennett's Ash)Orchard Swallowtail
Harpullia arborea (Cooktown Tulipwood)Cornelian
Harpullia ramiflora (Claudie Tulip Wood)Cornelian
Melicope elleryana (Corkwood)Ulysses
Melicope rubra (Little Euodia)Ulysses
Millettia pinnata (Indian Beech)Common Aeroplane
Neolitsea dealbata (White Bollygum)Blue Triangle
Pararchidendron pruinosum (Tulip Siris)Tailed Emperor
Peltophorum pterocarpum (Yellow Flame Tree)Tailed Emperor
Scolopia braunii (Brown Birch)Australian Rustic & Puss Moth