Stock Lists

(availability subject to change without notice)

The Stock Lists below list plants currently available for purchase from our retail section.

You may visit the nursery and buy your plants in person or use our online shopping trolley, which also includes information about our mail order service.

Stocklists with plant descriptions

140mm pot

140mm pots

(this is the standard size pot available in most nurseries)

Stocklist – in botanical name order

Stocklist – in common name order

Forestry tube

2″ forestry tubes

Stocklist – in botanical name order

Stocklist – in common name order

Before you decide to purchase tubes please read our article:
Pot size: Yes, the right size matters!

Special plants and fruit trees

Special plants and Fruit trees

Fruit Trees

Special Plants


Tips for Transporting Your Plants Home :

Plants must be transported in a covered vehicle. Plants carried on the back of an open ute or truck will suffer severe wind damage and it is essential that this be avoided.

Up to 50 plants can usually be carried in any sedan, using either the boot or back seat. 20 plants (5 shopping bags) take up only 60cm x 60cm of space.

If you have an open ute try to bring a tarpaulin (with a suitable length of rope) or enough boxes to pack the plants in.

We Recommend the Following Publications:

(available from the Nursery Information Centre or by contacting our office)


Native Plants for North Queensland” – $11.00 plus postage & handling
Growing Australian Tropical Plants” – $19.95 plus postage & handling


Australian Tropical Plants” Vol 3 on DVD – $55.00 plus postage and handling
A Garden on the Wing” on CD ROM (Attracting birds and butterflies to your garden) – $22.00 plus postage & handling