Bush Tucker

Australian Native Bush Foods – for commercial production

Yuruga Nursery provides quality seedling and clonal stock of a variety of tropical native species to landholders for the establishment of orchards for the emerging Bush Foods industry in north Queensland.

Yuruga Nursery provides advice and assistance for customers purchasing Bush Foods for establishment of a commercial plot:

For more information about this subject, see our Yuruga Information Sheet ‘Bush Tucker for North Qld‘.

Athertonia diversifolia
Atherton Nut
Diploglottis smithii
Native Tamarind
Davidsonia pruriens
Davidson’s Plum
An orchard of Davidsonia pruriens
Davidson’s Plum
orchard on the Atherton Tablelands
An orchard of Syzygium aqueum
native Water Cherry
on the upper Atherton Tablelands