Books & CDs

‘Native Plants for North Queensland’

by Radke & Sankowsky
Yuruga Nursery

This Yuruga Nursery catalogue is a very handy and quick reference to 730 species of native plants for north Queensland gardens. Each plant has a brief description of its main characteristics. There are a small number of colour pictures. The catalogue contains very helpful and practical gardening hints. It also has an extensive section in which plants are listed into very useful categories (eg ‘Plants with perfumed flowers’, ‘Plants with beautiful foliage’, etc).

This very useful book is available from Yuruga Nursery for $15.00 (incl GST) plus $4.00 (postage & handling).

‘Growing Australian Tropical Plants’

by Radke & Sankowsky
Yuruga Nursery

This great little book is in full colour with brilliant pictures. It describes in detail 102 of the most popular species of Australian tropical native plants for cultivation. Each plant has a full description, colour photo, and extensive cultivation notes. There is also a section with very useful general information.

This terrific book is available from Yuruga Nursery for $19.95 (incl GST) plus $4.00 (postage & handling). It is also available in many bookstores and newsagents.

‘An Illustrated Guide to Eastern Banksias’

by Ian Wallace

A first in banksia identification. Fine detailed illustrations in watercolor of all seventeen Eastern species and two varieties.

Even with the development of digital photography and computer enhancing, a botanical illustration still provides the clearest possible image. The descriptive text features a brief history of each species. Details of confusing species, Distribution, Fire tolerance, Flowering times, Conservation status and Where to see.

Suitable for the back pack, glove box or library.

This fantastic book is available at Yuruga Nursery for $20.00 (incl GST) or can be ordered directly from Ian Wallace through his website.

‘A Garden on the Wing’ CD ROM

by Sankowsky and Nielsen

This brilliant CD ROM contains everything you will ever need to know about attracting birds and butterflies to your garden in tropical Australia.

It is illustrated with 2400 high quality colour photographs, and includes spectacular Butterflies and Birds Screen Savers.

It includes the following information:

  • Plants to attract birds
  • Artificial nesting sites and feeders
  • What butterflies you can attract in your part of Australia
  • Plants to attract butterflies
  • Large and colourful moths

This CD ROM is very easy to use, and is the best and most authoritative guide to attracting birds and butterflies available in Australia.

Available from Yuruga Nursery for $22.00 plus $7.00 (postage & handling).

‘Australian Tropical Plants Volume 3’ DVD ROM

by Garry Sankowsky

The complete guide to growing Australian Tropical Plants

This fantastic DVD ROM has extensive information on over 1250 species of Australian tropical plants.

Each species has at least one colour photo, and most species have two or more photos. In all there are 6800 colour photos on this DVD ROM.

Each species has extensive information including cultivation notes. Plants can be sorted into categories such as flower colour, flowering time, suitability for geographical location, attracting butterflies, and many, many more categories.

This DVD ROM is very easy to use, and contains a huge amount of information. Highly recommended.

Requires Windows 95/98/2000/XP.

If the information you want is not on this DVD, then you won’t find it anywhere!

Price: $55.00 plus $7.00 (postage & handling)