Innovation in Propagation

Mass production of new clonal varieties

Yuruga Nursery (Clonal Solutions Australia is a spin-off company of Yuruga Nursery) is at the fore-front of the mass-production of new clonal varieties of forestry and agricultural crops.

Clonal Solutions Australia and Yuruga Nursery pioneered the mass-production of elite eucalypt clones in Australia and remains the leading nursery in the field to this day, with millions of these clones dispatched to timber companies throughout Australia.

As such, Yuruga Nursery is at the ‘cutting edge’ of both the nursery and forestry industries.

This photograph shows approximately 200,000 Eucalyptus camaldulensis x grandis hybrid clones ready for delivery.

Cutting house with hybrid eucalypt cuttings.

Some of the crops that Yuruga has mass produced are:

  • Tea Tree (Melaleuca alternifolia) – elite clones
  • Eucalyptus (various species and hybrids) – over 1,000 different clones
  • Coffee
  • Acacia mangium – elite clones
  • Teak – extensive experience in deflasking tissue culture.
  • Saltgrow™ eucalypt hybrids.

Experience and achievements:

  • produced over 10 million tea-tree clones for agriculture
  • produced over 10 million eucalypt clones for forestry
  • screened over 1000 different eucalyptus clones for commercial viability of the propagation process
  • produced over 6 million cloned teak plants for tropical forestry plantations
  • produced 1.5 million Saltgrow™ eucalypt clones for forestry and rehabilitation of saline land.

If you are in agriculture or forestry and have identified an elite individual plant which you would like to mass produce for your plantation or orchard, then contact Yuruga to discuss how we can help you. Our R&D section is dedicated to introducing and commercialising new clonal crops such as Corymbias, Kyaha, Cocoa and Biodiesels.